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on February 5, 2016

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We find you the best, most relevant, and important information you need to know about home insurance providers. Why? Not because we work for State Farm–in fact we are not affiliated with State Farm at all. We do it so that you can make better insurance decisions. Check out everything there is to know about State Farm home insurance, the nation’s largest provider, if you’re thinking about choosing them as a provider.

What can we tell you about State Farm?

What are the best parts of State Farm?

  • Ranked as the largest provider of home insurance in the country, State Farm’s sheer size and popularity gives customers an indication of its financial strength, reputation, and more.
  • HomeIndex® Inventory Tool. Can you recall every item you own, when you got it, and how much it cost off the top of your head? This tool helps you inventory everything so you can process a claim faster in the case you experience an accident. If the accident caused destruction to your personal property like water damage, it’s an easy to use tool that might help jog your memory if you forget to inventory certain possessions.
  • State Farm has a calculator to help you figure out the average cost for your homeowners insurance. It will walk you through specific questions about your life to help you make an informed and complete decision when it comes to the cost of homeowners insurance that’s best for you.

What are the cons about State Farm?

  • We weren’t able to find any major downsides with State Farm home insurance. It has a wide range of high customer satisfaction ratings and financial wellbeing scores.

Where State Farm Insures Homes

State Farm provides homeowners insurance in all 50 states and Washington D.C.. According to our research, they’re a top provider of insurance in most states.

Home Requirements

Does State Farm home have insurance discounts?

Who doesn’t love a discount? See which State Farm home insurance discounts you may qualify for:

  • Multi-Policy Discount (up to 22% off).
  • Safety Device Discount for smoke alarms, anti-theft security systems, and more.
  • Roofing Discounts if you choose an approved product or company.
  • Higher Deductible Discount if you’re willing to pay more out of pocket in case of an emergency.

See all State Farm discounts.

What are State Farm’s industry ratings?

The industry ratings we found are based on customer reviews and financial standings. Take a look to see how State Farm is doing among customers and as a company.

-Weiss Ratings exist to measure the financial strength of a company. You can use this information to determine whether a company has the foundation to stay strong and in business. State Farm got a “good” rating of a B+ for financial strength which means it’s a solid choice for any customer.

-Standard & Poor’s financial strength analysis gave State Farm an AA which is very high. The fact that State Farm ranked highly in two big-time financial reviews bodes well for their strength as a company.

-Fortune 500 ranked State Farm #41. You can take that to mean that they’re the 41st most profitable business in the US.

-A.M. Best is another company that looks at the financial strength of companies. In this list, State Farm got the highest possible score: an A++. It’s safe to say that for the time being, you can trust in the financial strength of State Farm.

-JD Poweruses customer reviews to score companies based on overall satisfaction. By looking at the scores, you can see how actual customers enjoy having a homeowners insurance policy with State Farm.

In a 2019 JD Power U.S. Household Insurance Study for Homeowners Insurance, State Farm scored:

Household Insurance Study








Where is State Farm home insurance most popular?

State Farm and all other homeowners insurance companies have something called “market share.” This is the percentage of customers it has in a certain area compared to its competitors. State Farm is the number one home insurer out of all competitors in 42 states and Washington D.C.. Here are the top five states where State Farm is most popular based on the percentage of customers they have.

  • Alaska: State Farm is the number one insurer for home insurance in Alaska based on market share—serving 32.7% of the all insured homeowners.
  • Illinois: As the most popular home insurance company in Illinois, State Farm has 33.51% of all eligible customers.
  • Hawaii: 32.24% of all insured homeowners have State Farm insurance. State Farm is also the number one home insurance provider in Hawaii.
  • Alabama: State Farm is the number one insurer for home insurance in Alabama. They have homeowners insurance policies with 29.91% of all insured homeowners.
  • Georgia: State Farm has the highest market share in Georgia. 28.13% of homeowners have policies with them.

Where State Farm Sells The Most Home Insurance Policies

We just looked at the sheer number of policies every home insurance company sells in each state. Here are the states where State Farm has the most home insurance policies:

  • Texas: State Farm is Texas’s number one home insurance provider—with 1,990,391
  • California: State Farm sells the most policies in California. They have 1,485,730
  • Illinois: State Farm sells the most policies in Illinois—1,110,598 to be exact.
  • New York: With 763,921 home insurance policies, State Farm sells the most out of any other insurer in New York
  • Georgia: In Georgia, State Farm has sold 758,910 home insurance policies and is the number one seller in the state.

Sort through the data to see how State Farm ranks in your state.

Rank in StateMarket Share PercentDirect Premiums Written
Illinois133.51 1,110,598
Alaska132.7 52,331
Hawaii132.24 115,270
Alabama129.91 484,059
Georgia128.13 758,910
Oklahoma127.97 426,452
Louisiana127.48 496,176
Indiana127.3 484,910
Mississippi126.75 247,886
Iowa126.66 184,773
Minnesota126.46 510,663
Missouri126.28 484,008
Delaware126.03 59,914
Nebraska125.91 153,237
Texas125.32 1,990,391
Tennessee125.24 464,291
Montana124.64 68,131
Kentucky124.6 259,340
Oregon124.33 173,850
West Virginia124.16 100,051
Wyoming123.81 40,502
South Carolina123.65 363,480
Kansas122.44 235,543
D.C.122.35 32,299
Colorado121.81 412,282
Ohio121.8 585,739
New Mexico121.13 99,053
South Dakota120.54 41,830
California120.52 1,485,730
Nevada120.51 103,696
Arizona120.44 295,480
Virginia119.75 398,481
North Carolina119.23445174
North Dakota118.2134,146
New York114.95763,921
New Jersey111.81292,778
New Hamshire210.4438,943

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What do customers say about State Farm?

“I like that I talk to the same person every time and over the years there is a professional relationship if I need something I know who is taking care of me.” – Kevin S.

“I was with Progressive for 14 years and had 5-star service. The only thing that has been great with my new State Farm policy is the personal agent that truly cares. However, they’re not able to handle all of my needs and there are a lot of middle men.” – Jessi C.

“State Farm is a national, well-known and respected insurance company with decent prices.” – Fabian B

“Great customer care!” – Madelyn M.

“Cheap and good customer service.” – Rebecca M.

“It’s so easy to file a claim and there isn’t any hassle.” – Caine L.

“I love the great communication. If I’m told a time frame for a follow up, it’s usually on time or earlier.” – Michael F.

“They are friendly with low rates.” Tonya H.

“I love that they have an app that I can pay by bills with and have a copy of my insurance card.” – Kendal B

“It is great that State Farm agents are so personable and are always there to help whenever possible. I did try to make a claim once and they had me call two different places rather than being able to transfer me, so I had to repeat me information over and over. Very responsibly priced.” – Holly B.

“The State Farm agents will bend over backwards to get me the best option and they remember details about my personal life.” – Nathaniel M.

“State Farm agents are easy to each reach. I can call my Agent Patrick on his cell whenever I need him or have any questions.” – Kyla V.

What are our favorite State Farm features?

We dug up a ton of information about State Farm home insurance. Here’s what you’ll love to learn about if you’re thinking about becoming a new customer.

  • State Farm helps its customers learn the facts about coverage options. For home insurance, they have a video which explains how much you should insure your home for to help you find the right amount of coverage and safeguard your most valuable assets.
  • Resource Center. There’s a lot to know as a homeowner. State Farm has a ton of video resources that cover topics from how to thaw pipes to what you should do to prevent water damage and more.
  • Safety Learning Center. Separate from their homeowners resources, this part of the website focuses on safety and can help policyholders and site visitors lead safer lives.

About State Farm

State Farm opened its doors in 1942. Since then, the company has spent years perfecting its customer service, building financial strength, and positively impacting local communities. Having given back $60 million donation dollars to date, their slogan, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there,” couldn’t be more true. 

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