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Every insurance company has its own discounts, reviews, pros, cons, pricing, and much more. That’s why we’ve waded through the details to bring you all the information you need to know before opening Allstate’s homeowners insurance policy–even though we are in no way affiliated with the company. Take a look at our break-down below before you get a quote for an insider look at the 2nd largest provider of home insurance in the country and how you’d like being a customer.

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What Can We Tell You About?

Additional coverage options are available to be added to your policy, including flood insurance, Green Improvement Reimbursement, coverage for water backup, and more. You can also expand your coverage limits beyond what is offered in the standard policy. For instance, people who keep expensive items in their homes like jewelry or musical instruments may wish to have higher personal property coverage limits.

What are the benefits?

  • Claim RateGuard® is a feature you can add to your policy so your rates won’t jump if you file need to file a claim. In a sense, it’s claim insurance.
  • Claim-Free Rewards. As a customer, this will give you bonuses and discounts for a clean claims record.
  • Common Claims Tool. Allstate has a tool that shows you common claims in your area to make it easier to see what type of home insurance coverage you may or may not need to consider. It bases the data on trends compiled from other customers.
  • Digital Locker App. Inventory your belongings by room and upload them to the cloud so you know exactly what you own—and how much it costs—if you ever need to file a claim. It’s a digital inventory of all of your possessions and makes cataloging everything easy.

What are the drawbacks?

  • Average rankings for the majority of their JD Power customer satisfaction scores. This means they’re still doing okay since they were ranked, but compared to other insurance companies they could be doing better in customer service.

Allstate writes home insurance policies everywhere in the U.S.—including Washington D.C..

Home Requirements

What Allstate home insurance discounts are available?

Allstate offers a wide variety of discounts. See if any of the following discounts can help you save money, including:

  • Multi-Policy Discount (up to 30% off when you combine auto and home insurance)
  • EZ Pay Plan Discount (up to 5% off for autopay)
  • Auto/Life DiscountSM
  • Claims-Free Discount (up to 20% off)
  • Early Signing Discount® (up to 10% off)
  • Homebuyer Discount (up to 10% off for buying a newly built home)
  • Safe Home Discount (up to 15% off)
  • Welcome Discount (up to 10% off for first two years you’re an Allstate customer)
  • 55 and Retired Discount (up to 10% off)
  • Smoke-Free Home Discount
  • Storm Shutter Discount
  • Hail-Resistant Roof Discount

See all Allstate discounts.

What are Allstate’s insurance ratings?

See for yourself how Allstate stacks up as far as financial and customer satisfaction rankings.

Weiss Rating: The Weiss Rating scores over 11,000 companies based on their financial standings. Higher grades mean exceptional financial stability and low grades indicate sub par economic standings.

Allstate got a B+—or “good”—for financial strength. If you’re looking for a company with a solid financial foundation, Allstate is one that fits that bill.

JD Power Scores: Reviews tell you what customers really think about a company. The following J.D. Power survey asked customers for their feedback about Allstate home insurance. See how people like you feel about their service.

In a 2015 JD Power U.S. Household Insurance Study for Homeowners Insurance, Allstate scored:

Household Insurance Study








Where is Allstate home insurance most popular?

Allstate provides home insurance everywhere in the U.S., but it is most popular in certain regions. Based on “market share,” or the percentage of customers Allstate has compared to competitors, Allstate ranked in the top five insurers for home insurance in 41 states and Washington D.C.. According to our research, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Georgia, and New York are its top five states with highest percentage of policyholders:

Rank in StateMarket Share PercentDirect Premiums Written
Rhode Island114.3250,635
New York214.29730,454
South Carolina210.99168,943
New Mexico310.3848,666
New Jersey38.91220,985
West Virginia48.5935,588
New Hamshire38.2630,835
North Carolina47.41171,603

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As you can see, while it has a lower market share compared to other states it sells in, Allstate is the top home insurance provider in New York–serving 14.29% of all customers.

Where does Allstate sell the most homeowners insurance?

Here is where Allstate sells the most home insurance policies, based on volume alone:

  • Texas: 937,176 policies
  • New York: 730,454 policies
  • California: 587,089 policies
  • Pennsylvania: 459,292 policies
  • Illinois: 419,125 policies

What do customers think?

“Allstate is cheaper monthly than my last provider.” – Victoria L.

“Whenever I called, Allstate was fast at getting me whatever I needed.” – Rudy B.

“Easy and quick.” – Dillan D.

“Allstate has lower rates than my previous provider and are easier to deal with on the phone than my last, too.” – Ben B.

“I have good coverage, but only because I pay a high price for it. I hate how Allstate doesn’t really care about their customers.” – Sarah W.

“It is easy and convenient.” – Marques H.

“Allstate never makes excuses to not pay my claims.” – Joshua S.

“Allstate has always worked with me and made sure I felt like my needs mattered. – Monica G.

“Allstate rocks!” Adam B.

“Claims are easy. Rates don’t increase. Pricing is reasonable.” Randy S.

“Allstate is usually great on calling back or sending information to me when needed.” – Brittain Haygood

“Allstate is upfront, honest, and very easy to talk to.” – Dane L.

What are the best features?

Allstate has a lot of coverage options that make customizing your policy possible. Choose from claims rate hike protection and more.

  • Coverage Options. Allstate has a lot of coverage options that make customizing your policy possible. Choose from claims rate hike protection and more.
  • Resource Center. Allstate has an entire Home 101 section that covers topics for homeowners. This means you’ll be well informed about topics in insurance and homeowner safety.
  • Allstate App. This app allows you to monitor and access your policy from your smart device. You can contact claims agents quicker, find policy documents, and much more.

Why choose Allstate?

Allstate Insurance has been serving customers since 1931 nearly 90 years! The company continually shows its dedication to customers and the community through civic contributions, catastrophe response support, and more. If you’re not happy with your current policy or you’re looking to purchase homeowners insurance coverage for the first time, Allstate Insurance is worth considering.

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